The idea of California dreaming will soon become a reality for me and Brandon. As we’ve waited so long, almost a year to make this move, it’s now finally coming to life. A plan. A goal. A dream. All have now become an accomplishment for us and the closer we get to that big day, the more the anticipation is becoming unbearable.

Taking a trip out to California in early March was one of our biggest stepping stones. Not only was it to finalize where we would live, but it was a tease to satisfy the urges we had to get up and just leave everything all behind. You’d think that when you have your mind set on something that you’ve been planning for so long, that there can be no obstacles that get in your way. Yet, after our flight landed in LAX, I was told they had unfortunately lost my bag. Ha, a moment of clarity for me.


Can this really be happening the night before my job interview? But hey, when you’ve got a goal set for yourself, are you willing to let things get in the way of you succeeding? Probably not. For me, this was just a test of my faith to see if I was willing to get past the small road blocks that have continued to show up the past couple of months. So far, we’ve past that test of faith and have continued to leave this journey and new chapter within the hands of the man upstairs.

Although going to the opposite end of the country with no family and no friends other the people I’m going with, I feel as though this is an opportunity I cannot miss out on. I’ve done it before. Not as far, but Minnesota was definitely a leap for me. I knew one person when I moved there. That was it. And that turned out to be one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

Now its time to do it again, but this time, its not temporary. I’m taking this chance at life, and not looking back. For those who don’t agree with my decision, cool. For those who support this decision, thank you. I’m using this as a way to reach out to those of who don’t have the courage to step outside themselves and take that same chance. I know so many people who say, “Man, I wish I had it in me to do something like that.” Ironically, you do. You just have to find the right time and the right will from within yourself, which is what I did.


Brandon came home for the summer and turned my life around. God put him here for a reason and now we’re taking this journey together and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It not only has opened my eyes to the potential I have to be successful, but it has also brought us closer together. We didn’t think that it was possible, but it happened. We joke all the time about being twins. Seems as if before, we were fraternal. Now, I think we’re identical (I say that with a smile). Its up to us to push each other and look out for one another and the end result, I believe will be one for the record books. There is no limit for us and where we can take D.A.H. Design & Photography. Moving to California is going to open more doors for us. More opportunities. More networking. More clients. It’s a domino effect. The work you put into your personal life translates over into your business and everyone will be able to witness how hard we’ve worked in both. I’m ready to start this new chapter in my life and I hope everyone is ready to see the outcome.

~The Sky is No Longer the Limit – D.A.H. Designs
written by Jineen Williams