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Steven Barron talks about growing up with sports, living in Los Angeles, and his new media outlet “Off the Record”

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Sports have always been a part of Los Angeles native Steven Barron’s life.

Since the age of five, he has been playing sports, recalling his first game taking place in Downey, CA for a local church league called “Kids Play.”

“I’ve been playing sports for so long and I’ve always grown up around sports culture,” Barron said. “My dad was a coach so I was always around the game, even before I was actually able to play.”

Over the years, he’s enjoyed playing different sports, including basketball and baseball, but says football will always be his favorite.

“As far as playing, football is my first love,” Barron said. “Then basketball, followed by baseball. Football just has a different environment that’s so hard to explain unless you play it yourself.”

However, when it comes to shooting photography and videography, basketball takes the crown.

“I enjoy shooting basketball a lot more because there’s so much more action and potential for a good shot.”

Although sports have played a huge role in Barron’s life, he never pictured himself working in it. While in college, Barron worked as a server at In-N-Out and always imagined himself being locked in an office job upon graduating from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in graphic design in 2018.


Coming out of college, Barron filmed private workouts of football and basketball athletes all around Southern California, but expanded his reach within the sports media industry. He currently works part-time for a local skate apparel store in Whittier and is a videographer and video editor for Bleacher Report Hoops.

 “Working with B/R has been simply amazing,” Barron said. “To work with some of the best in the business, I’ve learned so much, and that has helped me build my brand.”

Graphic design and videography have always been in play for Barron. He began making edits early in his high school career, with the first edit he made being a football mixtape of himself.

“[The first time I edited something], it was my freshman year of high school,” Barron said. “I made myself a mixtape for football, cause my dad was recording my games and I was like ‘Damn, I need a mixtape,” so I made one and threw it out there on YouTube.”

Growing up, playing many sports proved to be an advantage for Barron, currently giving him more opportunities to branch out and build new relationships with others in the sports world.

“If you don’t know what’s going on, you’re going to be lost recording, especially in a complicated game like football,” Barron said. “I think it also helps me relate to the guys [I shoot] because you can talk basketball and stuff and really build those relationships instead of not knowing the sport and that’d be hard to talk with them because you don’t really know the game.”

He added that being able to see the plethora of basketball talent in Southern California really helped him enjoy the sport more while connecting his passion for sharing stories through the creation of artistic visuals and graphics.

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“To see top athletes perform at incredible levels here in LA, it’s truly a thrill to be able to share their stories with the world through video and photography,” Barron said.

Outside of being a basketball talent hotbed, Los Angeles is known for it’s blend of different cultures. For Barron, he says living in Tinseltown his whole life shaped who he is.

“Growing up in Los Angeles, it really pushed me to work well under the bright lights, especially as an older sibling,” Barron said. “It really helped me push my standards of excellence to new height.” 

Barron has lived all around the greater Los Angeles area, growing up in El Monte before moving to Duarte and currently settling in Whittier with his family. He also said he couldn’t picture himself living anywhere else with the surplus of things to do around the city everyday.

“No other city can really compare to Los Angeles,” Barron said. “There’s always something going on, whether it be sports or music. Plus, you can’t beat the warm weather year-round.”

When he isn’t editing or shooting a game, Barron loves going to the gym and considers himself a foodie. He lists sushi, tacos, prime rib and ceviche as his favorite foods and calls Sushi Spot in Duarte one of his go-to restaurants.


He also enjoys listening to new music, most notably hip-hop. Some of his current favorite artists include Roddy Ricch, TJ Porter, Lil TJ, PMPJ and Smooky Margielaa, whom he often features on his highlight mixes. 

Outside of his colorfully tinted visuals, music plays a major role for Barron in creating his own distinctive style.

“People can really see how different you are just not only through the transitions you use or the tints and colors you shade your video with, but mainly through the music you select,” Barron said. “People get to see who you are through music. A majority of videographers will slap the same Drake or Migos song and it just gets repetitive.”

Being different is something Barron is continuing to push, not only through his content, but also through “Off the Record,” a new media outlet he created with fellow creatives Lloyd Sicard and Rick Gee.

“Our vision for it was to establish credibility for the three [himself, Lloyd, Rick] of us, but we’re seeing it go more in the direction of a media page where we’ll be doing ‘day in the life’ or covering all aspects of sports,” Barron elaborated. “The big three we’ll be focusing on is basketball, baseball and football because we have those connections. With Off the Record, we’ll be able to attach ourselves to this brand and show potential clients ‘oh this is what we do, this is who we work with,’ especially in a loaded city like Los Angeles’”

Under the bright lights of Los Angeles tied with a very strong sports culture, Barron said he is excited for this upcoming summer, with his craft and also with “Off the Record.” 

“This summer is going to be popping [for Off the Record],” Barron exclaimed with a smile. “Like I can’t tell you enough, I’m excited for this summer. This basketball season was really dope, but the offseason is where we’ll have basketball, baseball and football going at the same time and it is going to be exciting for sure.”

And where the bright lights go, expect to find Barron at the center of it.



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